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Corviale mon amour (2002)


Corviale mon amour


The video Corviale Mon Amour is a visual comment to the music realised by Slow Motion for Sonicity. The first part of the video presents an architectural description of the building through images which represent it both externally and internally, in which various figures appear. It is filmed in black & white or sepia tones. The absence of colour is used to underline the possible alienation which could result from the absence of that which gives life to a building, even one as monumental as Corviale, its inhabitants. This concept is repeated in the second part of the video which begins with the title Corviale mon amour and focuses its attention of the inhabitants, giving colour and life to the moment. This meaning is reinforced by the appearance of colour in the actual video. It is not the building, but the people who live within Corviale who are the protagonists of this work.

Music: Slow Motion
Project in collaboration with: Federico Maistrello
Photos: Lorena Canulli e Massimiliano Acerra (Malc)

Production: moorroom