Il sole nel mare (2016)


#Foodrightnow Fighting World Hunger The Rome Film Fest has chosen to stand beside Cesvi in the fight against world hunger. From October 13th to 23rd, Cesvi will …

Microbioma (2013)


“While objects are neither flora nor fauna, they give the impression of being a proliferating vegetation; a jungle where the new savage of modern times …

Cuore (2012)


“You cannot step twice into the same rivers; for fresh waters are ever flowing in upon you. It scatters and it gathers; it advances and …

Piccoli naufragi (2004)

piccoli naufragi



serata volturno

Video Screening 22 May 2011  Cinema Volturno Roma

Io non sono così (2009)

Io non sono così

This is a short film made by me featuring folk singer Federico Maistrello. Title: Io Non Sono Così (That’s not me) Music: Federico Maistrello year: …

Home (2007)


Home was projected to create a space, though an imaginary one, where to live again my memories. The window, the television, the door are the …

No Spot (2008)

No Spot-6

A short video against the consumer society. Video by Federico Maistrello and Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri Music by Federico Maistrello             …

People (2003)


  Realized with Federico Maistrello Music: Araki (Massimiliano Acerra)

Corviale mon amour (2002)

Corviale mon amour

The video Corviale Mon Amour is a visual comment to the music realised by Slow Motion for Sonicity. The first part of the video presents …

Digital anthem (2003)

A digital anthem_

  Music: Slow Motion (Gianni Rosace) track: Digital anthem Realized with Federico Maistrello year: 2003